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Reliability, enthusiasm, competence.

Since 2006, SIRO Consulting has grown with its customers, developing a network of knowledge and modern and innovative solutions!


"Stand out not to be extinct"- Robert Johnson

Ours is not an activity of cleaning the web but of restoring correctness of information - Simona Petrozzi

Web reputation

SIRO Consulting has as its goal the defense of the online reputation of companies and individuals thanks to a "know how" experimented over the years and to a multidisciplinary team that guarantees reliable and tangible results. We operate in the most complete confidentiality and discretion that professional secrecy imposes on us.

Ours is not a "web cleaning" activity but a restoration of the correctness of the information.

We work so that the unfairly damaging information (article in the newspaper or blog, comment, video or photo on social networks etc.) to your detriment, visible on the main search engines (Google, etc.), is removed on the basis of a professional mandate, to safeguard your reputation legally and honestly 

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Litigation PR

The “Litigation public relations” is the activity that identifies the management, at a professional level; of the communication activities developed and exercised by the parties involved in a legal dispute (see Haggerty 2003)

By Litigation PR we therefore mean the professional management of communication activities developed and exercised by the parties involved in a legal dispute. A peculiar type of crisis, that of controversies, for which the management of communication around it requires particular skills and competences as well as precise methods and techniques.

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Social Media Management

Professional management of your pages on social networks Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn is not as easy as it seems and it requires communication skills, knowing how to write to engage users, create attractive graphics and videos.

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Who we are

SIRO Consulting srl is a dynamic company founded in 2006 by Simona Petrozzi

We specialized in Corporate Communication, particularly Personal and Corporate Web Reputation, Litigation PR and Privacy.

Today everyone is involved with communication and good communication cannot ignore attention to Web Reputation. We therefore offer analysis and consultancy on online reputation of brands, individuals, politicians and public figures with the support of a constantly updated law firm specialized and constantly updated in information law and the Internet, attentive to International and EU law profiles on these topics.

Get to know us...


The best care for your online reputation comes from the synergies and collaborations between professionals from different sectors. It is the union between these that ensures that your image is affirmed at 360 °!


Our approach is serious and respectful of the rules, we do not delude you with unrealizable promises but we work hard so that we do everything possible to protect and implement your figure on the web.


Despite office hours, we provide our expertise and professionalism 24 hours a day to prevent and contain any unforeseen events that may occur throughout the day.


Through our social psychologist and the entire web consulting team, we provide continuous support to be the first promoter of your image!


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