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The keywords of our services are: digital communication, internationalization, innovative consultancy. We operate within small and medium-sized enterprises, institutions, and services to individuals. Digital is the engine of all our activity, without ever neglecting the strength of the human factor!


Personal and Corporate Web Reputation for: companies, individuals, freelancers (medical reputation), public figures, institutions (country branding reputation)

Website creation for increased visibility and turnover, SEO and SEM (e-commerce)


Sentiment Analysis

Social Media Management

Digital Strategy & Marketing Plan for companies and professionals

Digital press office

Copywriting - Content management

Litigation or Legal PR/Crisis Management

Civil compensation for reputational damage

Treatment of all forms of online reputation damage (revenge porn, cyberstalking, cyberbullying, sexting etc.)

Digital education: training courses for schools, institutions and individuals of "digital education" for the protection of reputation, the fight against cyberbullying and the spread of "fake news" in collaboration with our association for social promotion

Forensic IT Consultancy *: Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations, forensic acquisition of web pages with timestamp and digital signature, network and mobile forensics, data analysis and recovery (SMS, contacts, emails, etc ...) from mobile phones, smartphones, iPads, iPhones , etc., data recovery and acquisition from computers, internet, networks, embedded systems, etc.

Osint report for business references

Privacy: support to companies and organizations in the process of adaptation and management of the obligations envisaged by the legislation on the protection of personal data (GDPR)

* activity carried out in collaboration with Musa Informatica