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The Country Branding Reputation, if properly managed, represents a real public resource, capable of starting a process of capitalization of international legitimacy and recognition in the global marketplace. The phenomenon of country branding reputation is now having a great international impact, as many nations still face serious difficulties in activating a systemic and conscious process of managing national reputational capital.

The aim of the work is to highlight the relevance of the country brand as a strategic way to protect and enhance the nation's reputation. Country Branding Reputation is the application of marketing techniques to improve the "country reputation" in order to promote it on the international scenario by increasing brand equity (brand value / assets) to attract foreign investors, tourism, and so on.

This activity can usefully be accompanied by institution building actions, also with the support of international organizations (European Commission, World Bank, etc.).

In fact, to improve the "reputation-country", it is important to launch structural reforms that increase openness to the market, the speed of public administration, the efficiency of the judicial system, digitization, etc.

To this end, it is strategic to provide administrations and governments with a qualified consultancy and assistance service for the construction and implementation of these reform processes. Starting with the processes of quality regulation (Better Regulation) and bureaucratic regulatory simplification.