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SIRO Consulting has as its goal the defense of the online reputation of companies and individuals thanks to a "know how" experimented over the years and to a multidisciplinary team that guarantees reliable and tangible results. We operate in the most complete confidentiality and discretion that professional secrecy imposes on us.

Ours is not a "web cleaning" activity but a restoration of the correctness of the information.

We work so that the unfairly damaging information (article in the newspaper or blog, comment, video or photo on social networks etc.) to your detriment, visible on the main search engines (Google, etc.), is removed on the basis of a professional mandate, to safeguard your reputation legally and honestly 


Why it's important?


We all just meet somebody or a company for the first time and we immediately look for references and information on Google. The Internet therefore allows users to access information independently, whether true or not. However, if information published on the Internet is false or out of date, this can represent a great damage to the person or the company.

A "false news" therefore remains forever on the web if it is not removed and no action is taken. A negative comment on a social network, forum etc. can destroy years of good reputation, blow up businesses, companies and penalize turnover.

What harm does false information cause to the person on the web and how much does a company cost bad publicity and therefore reputation?


How it works - operational steps:


1. Request for information

The customer (company or a person) contacts us by reporting the article/articles, the comment (s), videos, harmful photos on the web that he would like to remove


2. Verification and reputational analysis

We therefore carry out an in-depth survey and related reputational analysis with Osint methodology to identify all the lesions and to provide our partner law firm with the references of the web pages hosting the lesions to act in compliance with the law and professional ethics. We share and decide with the customer the lesions on which to act emerged from the reputational analysis


3. Supply of quotations and contractual documentation

We therefore provide the customer with the quotation of the intervention and a contract where we indicate the obligations of the company with the interested party. In this contract, the information or information to be deleted, the estimated time, the price and the guarantee of success with honesty and transparency are specified.


4. Definition of legal, communication and IT strategy

We decide the strategy to be implemented and build the dedicated team that will follow the customer. The team is made up of several specialized figures who, in full compliance with the rules and ethics, concur to build and bring out the professional skills of the injured party. All the figures contribute to the achievement of the goal thanks to our proven "know-how" of years of work in this field.

During the six-monthly or annual reputation improvement work, several reputational analyzes are carried out to constantly check the results


5. Goal achieved!

Harmful information on the web has been removed restoring the correctness of the information


6. Maintenance of results

Your online and offline reputation has improved significantly and your digital identity is stable. Now it is necessary to always keep the results with quality contents and activities.