Reputation and Crowdfunding

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Do you want to start a business or promote your own project but are you having difficulty finding the funds?

For those who already have an idea and a team, the solution may be crowdfunding, that is, a method of collecting money via the web through spontaneous donations, often even small ones, by investors and stakeholders, fans and followers.

To generate interest and stimulate consent from donors, however, the activity you want to set up needs to have an excellent reputation and stimulate interest and curiosity from the public, and it is therefore essential to take care of your own community through careful Social Media Management.

Setting up an image of the brand / project that generates attraction towards the stakeholders obviously goes through the advice of industry experts who are able to dialogue with donors, retain them and maximize their solidarity pool.

A synergistic and functional team like ours from SIRO Consulting will be able to produce and promote the most useful content for the construction of a strong, coherent and authoritative brand, capable of attracting the interest of its target and convincing them to invest for its success!

SIRO Consulting provides the design, strategic consultancy and management of crowdfunding campaigns on various platforms as an important innovative finance tool.