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The professionals most affected by reputational problems, besides accountants and managers, are doctors and dentists. In the medical field today, having a good digital identity means standing out in terms of quality. 80% of the research carried out by users is related to health, since more and more people are documenting their reputation online before turning to a doctor.

The Internet has quickly become the main resource for people who want to get information on their health problems through websites and forums. There are many people who claim to use the web, both to find information on diseases, and reviews regarding a specific health care. Search engines pay close attention to online reviews of doctors, healthcare facilities and medical practices. The value of this content, and its positioning within an internet search, is increasingly taking on value.

  • 85% of users trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations and word of mouth;
  • 33% of Millennials seek health information online and on electronic bulletin boards;
  • 72% of patients start looking for a new doctor online;
  • 65% of patients believe doctors should respond to negative online reviews;
  • A study published in the Journal of General Medicine found that 53% of doctors consult websites specializing in reviews of doctors;
  • Around 84% of patients today say they are looking for new healthcare and general practitioners on social channels before going to a doctor's office.

Healthcare Marketing and Digital Reputation can have two variations:

  1. Crisis management: refers to when a doctor faces legal action, arrests or investigations, professional errors
  2. Proactive reputation management: refers to the tools used by doctors to proactively build and manage digital identity by recognizing the power of proactive health communication and social media platforms

Our team, made up of several Internet marketing experts, continuously harmonizes your social profiles online, helping search engines and customers find you more easily and in the best way. Through the number of reviews and positive contents that concern you, but, above all through the use of SEO positioning and marketing practices, your online reputation will grow and those who look for you on the internet will find you in the first pages, and among the first results , of search engines. The growth of your reputation will also be studied over time thanks to the study of web traffic, ratings and new content entered by users. The partner law firm, made up of legal professionals specialized in the web sector, works with us to protect your work and your reputation against defamation or negative comments that do not reflect the reality of the facts.