Business consulting

“Siro Consulting" relying on a team of professional consultants skilled in different areas supports the entrepreneur with services targeted individually or by a monthly fee aimed to have a full and qualified assistance.

  • Business management Consultancy/Temporary management
  • Non-profit Consultancy/Crowdfunding
  • Insurance mediation for companies/Cutting cost
  • Process innovation and product
  • Certificates by Company
  • Corporate Training (Download complete list of courses)

Web reputation

Siro Consulting's goal is the DEFENSE OF ONLINE REPUTATION OF COMPANIES AND PRIVATE thanks to a "knowhow" experienced over the years and a multidisciplinary team that guarantees certain and tangible results.We work in total privacy and discretion the professional secrecy imposes us. Our activity does not focus on “web’s cleanup” but on refreshing correct information.

We work so that information damaging your reputation on main search engines (Google, etc.), (online press articles or articles on web blog, comments,videos or photos on social networks etc.) is finally DELETED to safeguard your reputation.

All of us, as soon as we meet someone or a company for the first time, we search for references and information on Google.

Therefore, Internet allows users to access information anytime, whether they are true or not.

However, if information published on Internet is false or outdated, it can cause great harm to the person or company involved.

A "fake report" so remains forever on the web if it is not removed and no action is taken. A negative comment on a social network, forum etc. can destroy years of good reputation, cause detrimental effects like loss of business, clients and penalize sales volume. All this can essentially destroy the good name you’ve during built your entire career.

What harm does a false news on web cause to the person and how much does a bad promotion and so a reputation cost to a company ?

Business Internationalization Process

Internationalization is an important option for our SMEs but as a conscious and well organized choice. We can advise you on all facets of your international business, from choosing the right markets overseas, the selection of suitable countries, the definition of a successful approach by assessing benefits and risks data from economical, political and social situation.

  • Analysis of foreign countries
  • Language assistance and support for SME internationalization process: interpreters, translators, multilingual hostesses for fairs and congresses. Written translations in all languages  ensuring a final product of high quality, safe, consistent and faithful to the original text
  • "Country Risk" reports
  • Company due diligence report

For those companies with limited human resources and international experience, but who well understand the need to expand overseas and to diversify risks, we can act as your export department. Initial meetings establish priority markets, customer profile and your goals in each country. We become your export department!



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We are always looking for professionals in different areas:

  • WEB

We also believe in a "sharing" concept to achieve ambitious targets that can only be reached with a networking activity!